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Tire Shop in St. Louis, MO

3 Signs it's Time to Change Tires

In time, all tires wear out and must be replaced for continued safe performance. In determining when it’s time to change your tires, there are three areas you’ll want to consider:

  • Low Tread: Tires that are bald or near bald should be replaced. In many states, the legal minimum tread depth is 2/32” for safety purposes. Low tread tires don’t perform as well in wet conditions, increasing the risk of hydroplaning in rain or snow. They’re also more prone to punctures that could leave you stranded on the roadside. This is why it’s better to say goodbye to your old set and install new tires.
  • Old Age: Consider, for a moment, a rubber band. A new rubber band is elastic and tough, perfect for holding items together. Now fast-forward a few years and that rubber band isn’t the same. It’s brittle now and liable to snap if you stretch it too far. Tires age in a similar manner, losing performance benefits over time. That’s why come car manufacturers recommend changing tires at after a certain number of years (varies by manufacturer and type of tire), regardless of use.
  • Performance: You know tires are important for getting from Point A to Point B, but they’re also important for ride comfort, fuel efficiency, and overall handling in different road and weather conditions. If you find yourself unhappy with how a tire performs in a certain area, then you might decide to sell your set early and switch to another brand and/or model of tire.

When you need tires, visit Niebling Auto Repair in St. Louis. Our selection features leading brands car, light truck, and SUV tires at great prices with a knowledgeable staff ready to help in your search for the best tires.

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