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Tire Shop in House Springs, MO

How Does Tread Depth Change Tire Performance?

Thinking about stretching the number of miles you get out of your tires but not sure when to turn them over for a new set? In many states across the US, the legal minimum you’re still allowed to drive on is 2/32”. That’s because tires lose traction in wet conditions when the tread is low. This increases your chance of hydroplaning when driving fast during a rainstorm or after snow melts. Furthermore, low tread tires and bald tires are more prone to punctures and blowouts than new tires due to the thin tread. No one wants to experience a blowout at highway speeds or end up on the side of the road with a flat tire, so it makes sense to change tires once they near or hit that 2/32” mark. The only real benefit to low tread tires is dry performance, but outside of race and sports applications, it’s not worth the added safety risks.

You can check your tread with a penny. Just flip Abe’s head upside down and insert the penny into your tire tread. If you see the top of Lincoln’s head, then it’s time visit the tire store.

House Springs Discount Muffler has a wide selection of tires for sale from leading brands. Explore our inventory online or visit us today to get started.

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