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Tire Shop in Maryland Heights, MO

When Should I Change Tires?

Most motorists know they shouldn’t be driving on bald tires. In fact, most states dictate the legal minimum tread depth as 2/32”. That’s because tires with low tread don’t perform as well in wet conditions. They’re also more prone to road hazard damage and blowouts than new tires. But low tread isn’t the only time to change tires. You should also consider the age of your tires.

Why is Tire Age Important?

Tires are constructed of piles, steel, and rubber along with chemical compounds. They’re built tough to support the weight of your vehicle but that doesn’t mean they’ll last forever. Some automotive manufacturers recommend replacing tires after 6 years while some tire manufacturers say 10 years max, assuming you still head adequate tread left. Age is important because the parts that make up a tire wear with time.

You can find out how old your tires are by looking at the sidewall. Look for DOT followed by 10-12 characters. The last four digits are what you need to look at to determine age. The first two digits are the week manufactured and the last two are the year. For example, 2015 is the twentieth week of 2015. Tires that were manufactured before 2000 will only have three digits at the end. Again, the first two show the week while the last indicates the year. 205 would be the twentieth week of, presumably, 1995. It could also be 1985, as there isn’t a way to tell with three digits.

When you’re ready to replace your tires, contact Northwest Tire & Auto in Maryland Heights, MO. Our tire shop has a great selection of passenger car and light truck tires from leading brands.

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