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Tire Care Tips from Lindbergh Tire

It’s time for a new set of tires, and you want to make them last. That means taking proper care of your set. To assist you in this noble endeavor, Lindbergh Tire has some tire care tips to share.

The first is to check the air inflation levels (psi) of your tires regularly. Tires should not be overinflated or underinflated. Overinflated tires have a hard tread that reduces traction and causes premature wear. Underinflated tires don’t hold their shape properly and are more prone to failure. That’s why regular tire inflation checks are worth your time.

Second, you’ll want to follow a rotation schedule. It’s recommended that you rotate tires every six months or 6,000-8,000 miles. You can check with your tire manufacturer for more precise mileage and month intervals. Rotating tires ensures that they wear at an even rate. Otherwise, you might find yourself in need of one or two new tires before the others. You want to try and avoid driving with a mismatched tires in terms of wear because it can cause some performance issues. This is why tire rotation is an important part of regular maintenance.

Third, respect the tire’s capabilities. Don’t drive at a higher speed than what the tire is rated for or go over the load capacity limit. Your tire is built to certain standards. Ignoring these can risk your safety and that of other motorists on the road as well as cause premature tire wear and potential tire failure.

Follow these tire care tips and you’ll be in a good position to get the best life and performance from your set. Time to replace your tires? Stop by Lindbergh Tire today.

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