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Tire Shop in Moberly, MO

Have You Checked Your Tires Lately?

We know the first thing on your mind when you get home from a busy day at work or school is your tires. You’re always checking them to make sure they’re at the right inflation levels and you can’t remember the last time you didn’t schedule a tire rotation.

At least, that’s how we like to envision the daily lives of our customers. In reality, we know not everyone keeps up on tire maintenance. Maybe you only check inflation levels before and after winter, when the major temperature shifts are certain to change them. Maybe you keep up on rotations, but only because they’re usually done around the same time as your oil change. We doubt you’re dreaming about tires, but we think you might still be interested in how to get the longest life out of them.

First things first – check your inflation levels regularly. Make it a habit. It’ll be annoying during winter but you’ll be rewarded with longer tire life.

Second, follow the recommended rotation intervals. This can be found in your owner’s manual or your tire manufacturer’s website. Rotation is important because tires don’t wear at the same rate. You might hit a pot hole with your front right and rear right tires but your front left and rear left tires will miss it. All the inconsistencies on the road that your tires drive over lead to different rates of wear. By rotating tires regularly – about every six months – you ensure they wear at a gradual, similar rate.

Ready for new tires? When your tread is near or at 2/32”, it’s time to look at changing them. Low tread tires are dangerous to drive with in rain and more prone to punctures than their new to moderate tread counterparts.

At KB Tire and Auto, we have a wide selection of tires for sale whenever you’re ready for new ones. Visit our Moberly tire shop today.

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