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Tire Shop in Overland, MO

What Are Tires Made Out Of?

Every day you drive, you trust four solid pieces of round rubber to carry you to your destination. Tires might look simple on the outside, but there’s more ways to distinguish them than the pattern on their tread. If you’ve ever wondered what you’re driving on, here’s your chance to learn more about the construction of your tires.

Rubber is perhaps the most well-known “ingredient” used in the manufacturing process. But rubber isn’t a catch-all term. There’s actually several types of rubber that a tire manufacturer might use in the creation of your tire. Natural rubber is a popular choice harvested from the sap of rubber trees, but synthetic rubber may also be used today.

Reinforcing agents, like silica or carbon black, are other ingredients used in tires. They’re role is to increase the tire’s durability, improving a tire’s resistance to road hazards while improving traction or grip.

Sulfur is another component popular in tires. Chemicals like sulfur can cause the tire to be more or less flexible and add or decrease friction. Finding the right combination of chemicals is important not only in determining how the tire performs but how long it lasts.

In total, tires are comprised of rubber and a variety of ingredients chosen by the manufacturer after research and testing. Some tires have over 200 raw materials that are mixed together and vulcanized, or cured, to create a tire that performs in a specific way.

Tires deserve more than one glance. If you’re interested in learning more about tires or finding the right replacements for your driving needs, talk with the team at Henry's Auto and Tire in Overland, MO. We have a wide selection of tires, each specially engineered to get you to your destination.

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