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How to Get the Longest Life Out of Your Tires

After a busy day at the office or school, we know you can’t wait to get home and take care of your tires. You know the exact date of your last rotation, and you can’t imagine not checking tire inflation levels regularly.

Maybe not. We know not everyone cares for tires like the manufacturer advises. We see the result of that when customers come in early for new tires. If you’re interested in getting the best mileage from your set, regularly checking your tire air levels and getting rotations can help.

Tire inflation levels are important because they can be the difference between a puncture and worry-free travel. Underinflated tires aren’t as strong against road hazards and tend to overheat from increased friction. This means your tires wear faster and may even separate or lead to a blowout. Regularly checking tire inflation levels is an important part of maintenance for this reason. Make it a habit and you’ll be rewarded with longer tire life.

Your tires should be rotated because they won’t wear at an even rate if they’re not. You might hit a pothole with only two tires, for example. All the crevices and imperfections on the road translate into different rates of wear depending on where each tire is installed. When you rotate your tires as recommended – about every six months – you ensure they wear at a gradual rate.

Ready to replace your tires? Choose from the wide selection of tires available at Carson Natural Bridge Tire. Visit our tire shop in Bel-Ridge today.

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